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Suzhou Bridges are tools for us to get across, kind of art, and the symbol of Suzhou culture.

Suzhou is a city that is filled with bridges. There are bridges all over the city, but only few people understand the stories behind them. We hope to use soociao help more people from Suzhou or other parts of the world to learn more about these bridges.

They are not the simple tools for us to get across nor just the works of art.Having witnessed the development of the city, are the symbol of Suzhou and its canal culture.

We visited all of the famous bridges around the city and some other isolated bridges in suburb to learn more about the bridges. By interviewing several experts who work for UNESCO and local government, we got more information about it. To get a better idea the visitors and local people’s view, we did researches based on questionnaires.

Soociao Research Group

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Like Suzhou, every city has its own symbols. They can be something really big, like the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, or the Empire Building in New York. They can be something really small, like the romance spread all over Paris, or the glory deeply rooted in London. But most of us just focus on the larger things, and ignore the veritable items, just because they are invisible.

Our research group wrote essays and made videos to inform people of the current circumstances of the Suzhou bridges. But what we really hope to achieve is persuading people pay more attention to the ordinary things around us. They stand for our culture. We should explore them and protect them.

Protecting our cultural heritage is protecting our future!

Please visit our blog and gallery for detailed informaiton and our social network for news and updates.

We are:

Xinchen Liu from Suzhou High School

Yifei Xu from Xinghai Experimental School

Ziyi Xu from Jiangsu Tianyi High School

Yunlan Li from UWC Atlantic College


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